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Electronic Design

Scientific Solutions' core expertise includes electronic design services for digital, analog, and mixed signal requirements.  We can provide full electronic design solutions at the product level or simply provide electronic design improvements or upgrades to existing designs.  Here is a brief summary of our electronic design services:


Analog Designs

  • Low noise

  • Audio, line in and power levels

  • Amplifiers and Filters

  • Specialized ADC, DAC, and sensor interfaces


Digital Designs

  • Microcontroller based:  Microchip + Atmel, STMicro, TI

  • CPLD's

  • Discrete

  • PLC 

Mixed Signal Designs

  • Audio filters and processing

  • Sensor signal conditioning

  • Low noise designs

  • Specialized ADC and DAC applications

  • High voltage, High Current + MCU sensor interfacing.


System Designs

  • Full product or test fixture designs

  • Product enhancements, upgrades, or redesigns

  • HMI Interface (LCD, OLED, Joystick, Trackball, Mouse)

  • Control systems (Event driven, Feedback, Motor, State)

  • Monitoring and Testing Systems

  • Acquisition, data logging,  and reporting circuits

  • Precision Measurement Instrumentation

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